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Cryotherapy to improve your immune system

Cryotherapy Helps To Keep Colds And Flus Away In The Australian Winter

The best way to avert colds in winter is to improve your immune system. A whole body cryotherapy session in Cryo’s Roseberry or Edgecliff clinics – both locations are conveniently located near the centre of Sydney – can help to prevent cold and flu. The exposure to extreme temperatures during a Cryo session constricts the […]

Cryotherapy treatment in Rosebery

Check out the New Cryotherapy Clinic in Rosebery

Following the success of their Edgecliff studio, CRYO are proud to announce a new, state of the art and conveniently located cryotherapy clinic in Roseberry. CRYO’s affiliate Cryobody, are the Australian and New Zealand distributors of Cryotech equipment, the safest and most technologically advanced cryotherapy treatments in the world that’s used in all CRYO locations. […]

Young woman doing cardio

Seven Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally

Winter chill and rain can really bring the mood down and cause energy levels to plummet. If you are like the majority of people in Sydney this winter you might be finding it harder to get up in the morning, feeling run down and fatigued or finding your brain waves are flat lining before you’ve […]

Tired woman

Feeling Stressed – CRYO Helps to Reduce Stress Levels

It’s getting towards the busy end of the year and the extra demands on our time can interfere with our healthy routines and increase our levels of stress. There are some simple stress relieving ideas that we can try, like exercise. It’s a good way of reducing stress because when endorphins are released, our mood is […]

Tired woman

Treat Depression and Anxiety Naturally with Cryotherapy

According to statistics from Australia’s leading organisation for depression awareness, Beyond Blue, an estimated 45 per cent of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. “In any one year, around one million Australian adults have depression, and over two million have anxiety.” That’s both frightening as well as reassuring. Frightening because that’s so […]

Happy woman doing an exercise

Make Your Workout Routine Less Boring with Cryotherapy

Boring exercise routine killing your social life and leaving you tired? If you want to see faster results from your workout and feel great instantly, don’t throw your workout out. Chill out with a Cryotherapy session instead. Do you feel like working out used to be heaps of fun? When you started your exercise routine […]

Tired woman

Feeling Tired All The Time? Try The Coolest Way To Boost Energy

Australia is a nation of go-go-go, especially in Sydney, with a perfect coast, wild nights and eclectic mingling. It’s a dream blend of work and party, family and catch-ups, beach and shopping, gym and Netflix. All that action comes with a price tag. Energy. If you want to have it all but feel like you […]

Sleepign woman

Improve Sleep with Cryotherapy Treatment

It really is amazing how a good night’s sleep the night before can make all the difference to your day. A sound, natural sleep is relaxing, healing and energising. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the luxury of just closing their eyes and drifting off. One of the frustrating things can be that there could be any […]

Tony Robbins trying Cryo

Why Famous Celebrities Turn to Cryotherapy

Tony Robbins, Floyd Mayweather, Lindsay Lohan, Daniel Craig, Alicia Keys, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Aniston. What do these celebrities have in common? They are all celebrities who do cryotherapy to look after their bodies and stay young. Cryotherapy has long been used to help athletes recover after training and competing, and for the treatment of muscular […]

Cryo treatment to improve runners' performance

How to run Faster with Cryotherapy

Professional Runners, Athletes and amateur Sportspeople have traditionally used ice baths to recover faster from their injuries, run faster and increase their performance. The problem with ice baths is that the cold you experience in them is an unrelenting, penetrating physical cold. You also need to stay in an ice bath for around 15-20 minutes […]