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According to statistics from Australia’s leading organisation for depression awareness, Beyond Blue, an estimated 45 per cent of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.

“In any one year, around one million Australian adults have depression, and over two million have anxiety.”

That’s both frightening as well as reassuring. Frightening because that’s so many people suffering, perhaps silently, reassuring because no person is alone in this. With so many people needing help and treatment, it’s going to build more awareness, more support and better treatment programs.

Anxiety and Depression

Sometimes we just feel sad, maybe something changed in our life unexpectedly, causing us to feel down and out for a short period of time.

It’s normal to experience feelings of being discouraged, hopeless, unmotivated, or disinterested in life for a day or two.

Depression is when these feelings hang around for more than two weeks and when the feelings you have interfere with healthy living. Maybe you’re not taking proper care of yourself or your family, not spending time socialising, or missing out on work or study.

Sometimes it can be that a few difficult things all cropped up all at once, or that stress has built up over a period of time causing us to burn out.

The symptoms of anxiety are usually quite similar to depression. A person with anxiety may feel nervous, irritable, and have problems sleeping or concentrating.

There are many forms of natural anxiety relief techniques out there and so many people look for an anxiety or depression treatment without medication.

Having a healthy positive daily routine can really make a difference. It helps reengage your own power, to take care of yourself and complete tasks as well as keeps your system working in positive ways, increased circulation, better blood flow, increased awareness. One thing that can help that positive routine is to include a weekly dose of Cryotherapy.

Why Cryotherapy Can Help Cure Depression Naturally


Cryotherapy can have all the natural benefits of a huge workout, including the emotional high, without all the strain and hours of strenuous exercise. So while you may not be in the mood for exercise, or may not even be capable of exercise, you can do a Cryotherapy session which may help relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety naturally in a few minutes.

Boost Energy Levels
The energy you can get from Cryotherapy is not only a physically one, it’s a mental and emotional boost as well. You may experience an incredible energy rush during your three minute cold treatment session that can last for hours afterwards.

With an increase in energy levels you may be up and cleaning the house, going for a bike ride or a swim or a jog, perhaps even some dance classes in no time. An increase in mental energy and increased awareness may also help you see ways through or around your problems, and finding creative solutions that will have you powering forward.

Get Active
Shifting your state to one of positive action can really help get you set on the right path.

Often, especially with anxiety, you can feel unmotivated to go out and try new things. You might even feel unmotivated to go and try old things.

Once you start taking positive action, exercising or making phone calls or being social, you feel better and build natural motivation to continue.

Cryotherapy can override that feeling of flatness, which may give you a powerful boost that will increase your focus and get you wanting more out of life again. Some people have reported that their focus stays sharp and their memory is improved for days after a Cryotherapy treatment, allowing them to complete big projects and stay on task with significantly increased productivity.

Better Sleep
Cryotherapy sessions can often be followed by the best sleep of your life! If you are suffering anxiety or depression you may find that getting to sleep or staying asleep is difficult, and fatigue can really cause trouble with concentration, energy and motivation throughout the day. Now you can get a great nights sleep and get back into a natural sleep rhythm to cure depression naturally with Cryotherapy.

Adrenalin and Endorphins
The way Cryotherapy works is you stand in a specially designed chamber that pumps in cold air using nitrogen mist. While the temperature in the chamber can reach as low as -170 degrees, your core temperature will keep a steady balance.

Your body achieves this by pulling blood to essential organs, away from skin and outer muscle, to protect the internal system from the cold.

While this is happening, your body will also unlock essential nutrients stored for emergencies and send additional oxygen to the red blood cells.

Mentally, your mind evaluates what this threat it, and the best way to deal with it. It’s that mental need to survive that can cause an adrenalin rush, which may boost your mental activity with natural hormones including feel good endorphins for taking action.

A Cryotherapy session lasts a maximum of three minutes, meaning that before your mind has a chance to complete its assessment, the threat has passed and your body and mind relax.
What you are left with may be that amazing feeling and powerful rush of wanting to survive, wanting to get through and feeling great about yourself and the world.

System Reboot
It’s not just the mental rush that can stay in your system, all that added oxygen and increased nutrition in your blood stream then get fed back to the outer veins, skin and muscles, which can flush any toxins that may have been residing there as good blood comes through in abundance. This can increase your metabolism and circulation which might have been missing out on some action due to stress or lack of movement.

If you are experiencing burn out, your body as well as your mind can be depleted, so this may be a great way to hit the reset button and power your body back to a highly nourished place.

That doesn’t mean you can go back to a stressful job or stressful lifestyle and be okay, but it can give you a positive and healthy foundation so you can look at your priorities and set some goals and boundaries that will allow you to have a manageable workload going forward.

Increased Optimism
One of the biggest keys to a natural depression and anxiety cure is a positive outlook. In many cases a way out seems doomed, as pessimism can stand in the way of getting help, making positive changes and getting ahead a challenge.

Get a natural boost of both resilience and optimism that comes from the feeling of being energised, healthy, and capable. Having options for how to get unstuck, having energy to action those options, and awareness to do all that safety and effectively is a phenomenal way to cure depression naturally.

How to Cure Depression Naturally

Drugs are often something people turn to for support, especially in a time of grieving. While we are not suggesting in any way that Cryotherapy should be used to replace any current medication, or that it should take the place of professional help and guidance, we do feel it is a valid additional option for those who need a little boost that may get them out of a negative cycle, or as part of a healthy, supportive, well balanced depression or anxiety treatment plan that includes exercise, healthy diet and someone to talk things over with.

When looking for options on how to cure depression naturally, Cryotherapy may certainly tick all the right boxes, and can give you that head start when you are feeling behind.

One thing that will really help beat depression and anxiety is talking about it. You can’t get any sort of treatment if you are silent, and we can’t get an effective idea on just how deeply this effects our communities until everyone speaks up.

If you need to talk to someone, even if you feel it’s something small, don’t wait for it to pass, get started right now, talk to a professional through supportive organisations like Beyond Blue or Life Line, talk to your GP or natural health therapist, or reach out to a trusted friend or family member.

Take the first step to help beat depression and anxiety treatment without medication by booking a Cryotherapy treatment on cryo.com.au.