Post Surgery/Accident


Following surgery or an accident it’s normal for people to experience pain and inflammation. It’s part of the healing process. While the red and white blood cells are needed at the point of injury/surgery to fight infection and delivery much needed care, often the fluids surrounding those cells get in the way causing pressure, stagnation and pain.

CRYOTHERAPY exposes your body to extremely cold temperatures for a short period of time which can decrease and redistribute those fluids, allowing circulation to improve for toxins to be flushed out and filtered, oxygen-rich blood to flow through to the muscles and joints. It can provide a safe and natural way of decreasing inflammation while accelerating the healing of damaged soft tissue and sore joints. Think of it as an extreme version of an ice pack or ice bath but faster, more efficient and way more comfortable.

CRYO LED exposes your body to a soothing and natural LED light to promote total body wellness and peak physiological function. CRYO LED uses Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved technology for the temporary relief of muscle and joint pain and increasing local blood circulation. Nitric Oxide is increased in the body which can help to reduce lactic acid build up in muscles, release endorphins to inhibit pain, increase blood flow to speed healing and accelerate wound healing and reduce bruising, redness and swelling. CRYO LED also stimulates ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production which can naturally reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Our CRYOTHERAPY and CRYO LED treatments offer similar health benefits in relation to a safe and natural way for the body to heal more rapidly and reduce pain and pressure – it’s up to you to decide what type of treatment you prefer.

Your health needs are unique. To discuss how CRYOSLIM treatments can help you reach your goals please complete the below questionnaire and one of our friendly CRYO staff members will call you within 24 hours (all information is confidential):