CRYOTHERAPY is a non-invasive, fast and effective
hyper-cooling treatment.

Your body is briefly enveloped in a fine nitrogen mist that is safely cooled to between
-110 to -170 degrees for up to 3 minutes.

Why should you have CRYOTHERAPY treatment?

Cryotherapy can help you to:

  • Relieve muscle soreness for sports recovery
  • Relieve chronic pain and arthritis
  • Accelerate injury and post surgery recovery
  • Boost collagen production in the skin for anti-ageing benefits
  • Reduce toxins in the lower levels of the skin for cellulite reduction
  • Boost the metabolism to help you burn calories for longer
  • Improve sleep, boost immunity and elevate mood
  • Relieve symptoms of jetlag and hangovers

How does CRYOTHERAPY work?

Exposing the body to intense cold for a short period activates a powerful survival mechanism that causes the blood vessels near the skin to contract (vascoconstriction) and re-route blood to major organs to maintain your core body temperature.

During this process, your blood fills with oxygen, nutrients and healing enzymes. Following your treatment, the blood vessels dilate (vasodilation) and the enriched blood rushes back to your skin and muscle tissues. Oxygenated blood is circulated and may increase collagen production and release anti-inflammatories to help relieve pain, soothe swollen joints and accelerate healing. In addition to anti-inflammatories, the release of ‘feel good’ endorphins may have you feeling positive, refreshed and relaxed.

How long does each session take?

Your booking is for a 15 minute timeslot.
Your session time will be between:

2 – 3 minutes

Why would I choose CRYOTHERAPY at CRYO?

  • Safety is our highest priority. CRYO is fitted with redundant air systems and oxygen sensors and all our staff are highly trained in CRYOTHERAPY as well as first aid and defibrillator certified
  • We are proud to have the safest and most technologically advanced CRYOTHERAPY machine worldwide, the CTN Cryocabin
  • The mist, being the finest of any CRYOTHERAPY machine we have tested, has significant treatment advantages. The extremely fine cold particles are able to impact more of your exposed skin resulting in a significantly better treatment outcome for our clients
  • The way the mist is uniquely delivered during your treatment ensures a greater overall distribution of cold across your whole body
  • The mist moves around you in a patented vortex, reducing the amount you need to turn around during your treatment
  • The Cryocabin’s boost function allows treatment to be focused more on the upper body if required


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Available at CRYO Edgecliff and CRYO Rosebery

  • Single Session

    $79.00 per session

    Ideal for those who want to feel energised and see if CRYOTHERAPY is for them
  • 3 Pack

    $75.00 per session

    Ideal for muscle repair and recovery
    Only $225.00 BUY NOW
  • 10 Pack

    $65.00 per session

    Ideal for injury recovery and pain management
    Only $650.00 BUY NOW
  • 20 Pack

    $50.00 per session

    Ideal for those wanting to boost metabolism and skin rejuvenation
    Only $1,000.00 BUY NOW
  • 4 Pack Subscription

    $70.00 per session

    Recurring monthly subscription for 4 CRYOTHERAPY sessions each month.
    Only $280.00 / month BUY NOW
  • 8 Pack Subscription

    $60.00 per session

    Recurring monthly subscription for 8 CRYOTHERAPY sessions each month.
    Only $480.00 / month BUY NOW
  • 12 Pack Subscription

    $47.50 per session

    Recurring monthly subscription for 12 CRYOTHERAPY sessions each month.
    Only $570.00 / month BUY NOW
Try out our combination packages
  • 4 Pack Combination

    $70.00 per session

    2 CRYOTHERAPY sessions + 2 CRYO LED sessions.
  • 10 Pack Combination

    $65.00 per session

    5 CRYOTHERAPY sessions + 5 CRYO LED sessions.
  • 20 Pack Combination

    $50.00 per session

    10 CRYOTHERAPY sessions + 10 CRYO LED sessions.

your consultation

Prior to your treatment, you will meet with one of our friendly and professional CRYO staff to privately discuss your treatment goals, medical history and ask any questions you may have. You then have the opportunity to prepare for your treatment in your own private room.


what our clients say


Below is a comparison table comparing the benefits of Cryotherapy vs an ice bath:

Whole Body Cryotherapy Ice Bath
Treatment Delivery Extreme Cold Air (-110 degrees  – 150 degrees) Cold water (7 – 15 degrees)
Resulting Skin Temp 0 degrees – 2 degrees 7 degrees – 15 degrees
Treatment Time 1.5 mins – 3 mins 15 – 20 mins
Level of Comfort High Low
Response from Body Vasodilation; Internal Blood Cycle Warmed blood to peripherals
Enriches Blood YES NO
Increases Hemoglobin YES NO
Blood Temperature Change Increased Decreased
Improves Blood Circulation YES NO
Improves Immune System YES NO
Risk of Hyperthermia NO YES
Release of Endorphins YES NO
Time to Return to Exercise Immediately 12 to 24 hours
Improves Skin Health YES NO
Increases Collagen Production YES NO

When you arrive at CRYO you will be greeted by our friendly staff at reception and taken to your own change room to privately discuss your treatment goals, medical history and ask any questions you may have. You then have the opportunity to watch an introductory video to learn more about the CRYO experience and sign our waiver before preparing for your treatment. You will need to ensure you are wearing underwear (with no metal attached) and a pair of socks for your treatment. CRYO can provide you with ugg boots, gloves and a fluffy gown to wear. During your CRYO treatment, your highly trained CRYO Technician will be with you at all times. Your body will be briefly enveloped in a fine nitrogen mist and safely cooled to between -110 to -150 degrees for up to 3 minutes. Following your CRYO session, you can redress in your changeroom and relax at reception before moving on with your day!

Yes, we are very proud to be the first in Australia to have installed the safest and most technologically advanced cryotherapy machine on the market – the CryoCabin. The mist encircling your body inside the Cryocabin is nitrogen, a non-toxic gas that makes up over 70% of the air we breathe. Your head is above the top of the Cryocabin at all times and your hands and feet are well protected by insulating boots and gloves. A highly trained CRYO Technician stays with you throughout the session monitoring your body’s response. Oxygen monitors, alarms and other safe guards are also used to track your progress. You are able to leave the Cryocabin at any time. Rest assured, client safety is our highest priority.

This really depends on the reasons you are wanting to use CRYO and also dependant on how your body uniquely responds to the treatment. For this reason, we recommend that new clients trial CRYO over around 3 sessions. For general wellbeing, we recommend 1-2 sessions per week. For pain management, muscle repair and recovery and injury management, we recommend as often as your body feels you need the treatment. For skin rejuvenation, raising of the metabolism and accelerated injury recovery, we recommend 3 sessions per week.

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