Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Looking for a natural and non-invasive way to boost your metabolism and reduce fat to compliment your existing fat-reduction journey? CRYOTHERAPY can raise the bodies metabolic rate as it works to heat back up again using a considerable amount of energy. Overseas studies have shown that this can cause the body to ‘burn’ up to 800 calories following consistent, regular CRYOTHERAPY treatment. That’s the equivalent of running for around 45 minutes or swimming for an hour. CRYOSLIM™ provides a safe and non-surgical way to permanently reduce your fat cells, targeting those stubborn areas of fat on your body that won’t disappear no matter how hard you try. Our unique 3 phase fat reduction protocol has been designed to enhance your overall results and give you value for money not seen anywhere else! Still unsure if CRYO is for you? Our friendly CRYO staff members will happily chat about your needs to evaluate if CRYO can help.

Your health needs are unique. To discuss how CRYOSLIM treatments can help you reach your goals please complete the below questionnaire and one of our friendly CRYO staff members will call you within 24 hours (all information is confidential):



    • Reduce fat without <br>surgery safely and <br>naturally

      Reduce fat without
      surgery safely and

    • Increase endorphins <br>for elevated physical <br>and mental wellbeing

      Increase endorphins
      for elevated physical
      and mental wellbeing

    • Boost collagen and <br>elastin for anti-ageing <br>benefits

      Boost collagen and
      elastin for anti-ageing

    • Relieve and <br>soothe joint pain <br>and inflammation

      Relieve and
      soothe joint pain
      and inflammation

    • Improve <br>muscle repair <br>and recovery

      muscle repair
      and recovery

    your consultation

    Prior to your treatment, you will meet with one of our friendly and professional CRYO staff to privately discuss your treatment goals, medical history and ask any questions you may have. You then have the opportunity to prepare for your treatment in your own private room.


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    CRYO proudly offers the purchase of gift cards for CRYOTHERAPY,
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