Cool Sculpting

The weight loss industry is one that can be overrun with all kinds of new ‘miracle’ products, making it difficult at times to find long-term solutions that can truly contribute to a weight loss treatment regime. When it comes to cryotherapy and weight loss, no false promises are offered. Instead, cryotherapy brings with it many benefits that can positively compliment your weight loss journey, while bringing additional benefits of potential improvements to general wellbeing and relief from pain or soreness at the same time.


A boost for metabolism


As cryotherapy exposes your body to extremely cold temperatures within a very short period of time, this can have the effect of raising the body’s metabolic rate. Our bodies need to work harder to heat back up again, expending a significant amount of energy in the process. Much like a 45-minute run, overseas studies have found that bodies may burn through up to 800 calories on the back of consistent cryotherapy – all off the back of a short, rejuvenating cryotherapy session. Two birds, one stone!


Potential fat reductions


As we age, it can get increasingly difficult to convince fat to nudge its way off stubborn areas of your body. With each of us having different metabolic rates and varying body compositions, these problem areas look different from individual to individual, which can add to the difficulty in seeing long-term targeted fat reduction through generalized treatments.


Cryotherapy in the form of cryolipolysis, one of the phases in our CRYOSLIM solution may be the non-surgical liposuction alternative that sees those stubborn fat deposits finally banished. CRYOSLIM utilises a 3-phase, non-invasive fat cell reduction procedure that’s scientifically designed to bring about maximum results. Through this CRYOSLIM treatment, fat cell membranes in the specific targeted area are destabilized and cooled, triggering their natural death. These dead fat cells are then naturally metabolized out of the body within 4-12 weeks of treatment. As a result, the cells that remain are condensed, reducing the fat layer overall.


Cryotherapy benefits from skin rejuvenation


As cryotherapy treatment causes the blood vessels within the skin’s dermal layer to contract, they’ll then do the opposite once treatment finishes, and will dilate. This contraction and dilation process causes an increase in the oxygenation of blood, which is then circulated as these vessels dilate, delivering healing enzymes and nutrients across the body. As a result, individuals may experience an increase in their production of collagen, leading to potential improvements in the elasticity and firmness of your skin. The appearance of cellulite may also be altered, as toxins are removed through the lymphatic system in the course of cryotherapy treatment. Looking to feel and appear younger through drawing on the benefits freshly oxygenated blood has to offer? Cryotherapy treatment can provide a natural solution to potentially damaging chemicals and a whole host of expensive skin treatments.


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