CRYO LOCAL is a targeted safe, non-invasive
and natural localised cryotherapy treatment

The desired area on the body is briefly cooled, penetrating deep into the layers of tissue. Thermo-shock is achieved within 60 seconds

Why should you have CRYO LOCAL treatment?

CRYO LOCAL can help you to:

  • Reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Relieve muscle and joint pain
  • Improve mobility and elasticity
  • Relax muscle tension
  • Improve the appearance of cellulite
  • Accelerate injury recovery and post-surgery healing
  • Improve fungal and bacterial skin disorders
  • Improve local blood circulation

How does CRYO LOCAL work?

Exposing a specific area on the body to intense cold for a short period promotes a thermo-shock reaction which causes retraction and then expansion of the blood vessels

During this process, accelerated blood flow, healing enzymes and ‘life supporting’ hormones are dispatched to the area of the body where the emergency is declared when cells receive thermo-shock. This can help to reduce inflammation, pain and muscle tension, boost collagen production and flush toxins from the skin.

Thermo-shock can also kill everything that does not belong in the skin tissue – whether that be infection or disorders caused by bacteria, virus or fungus.

How long does each session take?

Your booking is for a 15 minute timeslot.
Your session time will be:

15 minutes

  • Treatment times vary depending on the specific area.
  • You can treat multiple areas within the 15 minutes.

Why would I choose CRYO LOCAL at CRYO?

  • Safety is our highest priority. We use a localised cryotherapy machine that treats with cooled air only, not vaporised liquid nitrogen. There is no risk of cold burns to the skin
  • We are proud to have the safest and most technologically advanced localised cryotherapy machine worldwide, the CTN XCRYO
  • The air is electrically cooled up to -20 degrees celsius. Thermo-shock is achieved within the first 60 seconds of the treatment
  • Optional application of a liquid booster which enhances heat extraction from the treated tissue, promoting thermo-shock at a 50% faster rate and to prolong post treatment cooling
  • A range of applicators are available to target specific areas on the body and optimise results and efficiency


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your consultation

Prior to your treatment, you will meet with one of our friendly and professional CRYO staff to privately discuss your treatment goals, medical history and ask any questions you may have. You then have the opportunity to prepare for your treatment in your own private room.


what our clients say


We use cold air with high volume and velocity to extract enough heat from the treated tissue to achieve thermo-shock for cryotherapeutic benefit. The heat extraction when using the XCRYO at -20 degrees Celsius is equivalent to the slow flowing air temperature at -60 to -90 degrees when using vaporised liquid nitrogen.

Yes, we are very proud to be one of the first in Australia to have installed the safest and most technologically advanced localised cryotherapy machine worldwide – the XCRYO.

The treatment uses cooled air only, not vaporised liquid nitrogen. There is no risk of cold burns to the skin.

We recommend that you do to allow the skin to absorb the Liquid Booster. Post treatment cooling is also enhanced by the microscopic oil spheres staying in the pores of the skin.

There are cases where twice a day treatments are very useful. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon / evening for post-surgery healing and the reduction of swelling and joint inflammation. A minimum of 3 hours between treatments is required to allow the tissue to fully recover from the thermo-shock of the treatment prior.

This really depends on the reasons you are wanting to use CRYO LOCAL and also dependant on how your body uniquely responds to the treatment. For this reason, we recommend:

For skin conditions like eczema / psoriasis: depending on the severity, 3 – 5 treatments per week is recommended. Improvement could be seen anywhere from the second session through to up to 20 sessions.

For cellulite: There is no limit in treatment frequency, but a minimum of once a week is recommended. Number of sessions for an improvement to be seen depends on the specific person and their age.

For wound healing post-surgery: the sooner the post-surgery treatments are started, the better. Treatment can be done over and around protective bandages. There is no limit in treatment frequency.

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