Tony Robbins trying Cryo

Tony Robbins, Floyd Mayweather, Lindsay Lohan, Daniel Craig, Alicia Keys, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Aniston. What do these celebrities have in common? They are all celebrities who do cryotherapy to look after their bodies and stay young. Cryotherapy has long been used to help athletes recover after training and competing, and for the treatment of muscular inflammation. Sub-zero temperatures have also been used by many Nordic communities to fight the signs of ageing. Cryotherapy allows you to do this without needing to jump into a frozen fjord.

Cryotherapy for Celebrities

Self-help guru Tony Robbins is 57 years old, and his empowerment events such as Unleash the Power Within famously see him presenting on stage for over 50 hours in just four days. During this time he covers in excess of 35 kilometres and is constantly on his feet. To combat muscle swelling and fatigue, Robbins uses cryotherapy daily, and has also had a chamber installed at home for regular treatments.

Jennifer Aniston is now 47 years old, yet still looks as youthful as her Friends character Rachel Green from 20 years ago. Aniston uses cryotherapy as a non-invasive treatment to keep her skin red carpet ready and her endorphin levels up. Demi Moore maintains her youthful appearance through cryotherapy, and used it extensively in the lead up to her 50th birthday party in 2012, while Daniel Craig combined weight lifting with cryotherapy to maintain his James Bond chiselled look while filming Skyfall.

Cryotherapy for You

No longer the secret of celebrities’ success, cryotherapy has gone mainstream thanks to the countless health benefits experienced from even a single session. Exposure to extreme cold means the body needs to warm up again rapidly, which burns energy and removes toxins from your system.

On average, the human body burns between 2000 and 3300 kilojoules in the hours following a cryotherapy session. This makes it a perfect part of any healthy weight loss program, especially leading up to summer or now during wedding season. By using cryotherapy, your skin can now look as radiant as Jennifer Aniston’s, thanks to this ultimate anti-ageing therapy. By exposing the skin to extreme cold, the blood vessels at the surface of the skin contract. Within three minutes of leaving the cryotherapy chamber, the vessels dilate.

In this process, oxygenated blood along with healing enzymes are released, which increases the production of collagen. This leads to greater elasticity and firmness of the skin, and a more youthful you.

Look Good Feel Great With Cryotherapy

Not only can you lose weight, reduce muscle fatigue, and have younger looking skin with cryotherapy, you will also find you leave each session with a euphoric feeling thanks to the endorphins that are released during the session. Endorphins are the chemicals in our brain and nervous system that provide us with that feel good factor when released. Cryotherapy increases and stimulates endorphins throughout the body, triggering a feeling of happiness and fulfilment.

With many people leading busy and stressful lives, cryotherapy is a great way to bring those stress levels down. Cryotherapy has also been known to provide relief from insomnia, fatigue, and depression. The extreme temperature may only last for two to three minutes, but the benefits from the increased endorphins are long term.

Celebrities who do cryotherapy have been experiencing the benefits for years. If it is time for you to join them and stay looking youthful well into middle age, book your first Cryo whole body cryotherapy sessions online today at