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Cryotherapy to improve your immune system

Cryotherapy Can Help To Keep Colds And Flus Away In The Australian Winter

The best way to avert colds in winter is to improve your immune system. A whole body cryotherapy session in Cryo’s Roseberry or Edgecliff clinics – both locations are conveniently located near the centre of Sydney – can help to prevent cold and flu. The exposure to extreme temperatures during a Cryo session constricts the […]

cryotherapy chamber in Sydney

CRYO Provides a Cryotherapy Experience Like No Other

Cryo is proud to have been the very first to bring Cryotherapy to Sydney following years of extensive research. We love that our stylish clinic in Sydney’s east and our experienced and professional staff can provide our clients with a unique Cryo experience like no other! “Our clients, their safety and the Cryo experience we […]

Tired woman

Help Treat Depression and Anxiety Naturally with Cryotherapy

According to statistics from Australia’s leading organisation for depression awareness, Beyond Blue, an estimated 45 per cent of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. “In any one year, around one million Australian adults have depression, and over two million have anxiety.” That’s both frightening as well as reassuring. Frightening because that’s so […]

Young looking skin

Freeze Your Way to Younger Looking Skin with Cryotherapy

If anyone has managed to find the fountain of youth, they are keeping its location very quiet. Aging is part of life, unfortunately though, the wrinkles, lines, cellulite and age spots we see in the mirror, don’t necessarily match how old we feel in our hearts. As medical breakthroughs, diets and lifestyles improve we find […]

Patient talking to a doctor

Benefits of Cryotherapy for Post-Surgery Healing

Undergoing surgery can be quite stressful. Whether the surgery is big or small, cosmetic or intense, there can be a period of swelling, bruising and pain. Of course you want to do everything possible to get back to full fitness safely and ensure your systems are running smoothly. Talking to your doctor in detail about […]

Man Trying whole body cryotherapy in Sydney

Cryotherapy Reviews: What People Are Saying About Cryo

As Whole Body Cryotherapy continues its trend in popularity across the US as well as Australia more and more bloggers, radio hosts, Instagram snappers and journalists are lining up to give their personal cryotherapy review. The public want real, honest and tangible answers. They want to see real reactions and encounters, not just read the […]

Woman having a cryo session

Top Things to do Before Trying Cryotherapy

If you are considering Cryotherapy or you are curious about a cryo procedure you’ll be pleased to note it can offer a range of benefits. Think of it as a chamber of gifts that can assist your body to heal, grow and strengthen – inside and out. Like any paid procedure, it’s important to get the most […]

Man Trying Cryo treatment in Sydney

Top 3 Reasons Why Cryotherapy is Better Than an Ice Bath

If you’re just getting serious about a training routine, or looking to step your athletic performance up a level, you might be sneaking a look at other athlete’s recovery methods. Should you be taking a cold plunge, or can cryo treatment be more beneficial? Submerging all or part of the body in a 12 to 15 degrees […]

Tony Robbins trying Cryo

Why Famous Celebrities Turn to Cryotherapy

Tony Robbins, Floyd Mayweather, Lindsay Lohan, Daniel Craig, Alicia Keys, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Aniston. What do these celebrities have in common? They are all celebrities who do cryotherapy to help look after their bodies. Cryotherapy has long been used in assisting athletes recover after training and competing, and to help reduce muscular inflammation. Sub-zero temperatures […]