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Cryotherapy May Help to Improve Sports Performance and Athletic Recovery

More and more athletes are using cryotherapy treatments which may assist them improve sports performance. Athletes, both professional and amateur, are discovering that having a cryotherapy session before an event can boost energy levels, increase the body’s resistance to strain and decrease fatigue. Adding to that are the more popular post tournament (or post intensive […]

Cryo for Joint pains

Cryotherapy Treatment for Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

Cryotherapy for pain management has been used in medical practice for many years. The advancement of technology with cryotherapy chambers has been incredible over the last decade, making Cryotherapy popular in health clinics for weight loss and performance enhancement. Even with the shift to Cryotherapy for healthy people, Cryotherapy continues to be an important part of […]

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Benefits of Cryotherapy for Post-Surgery Healing

Undergoing surgery can be quite stressful. Whether the surgery is big or small, cosmetic or intense, there can be a period of swelling, bruising and pain. Of course you want to do everything possible to get back to full fitness safely and ensure your systems are running smoothly. Talking to your doctor in detail about […]

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Benefits of Cryotherapy for Pain Management

Cryotherapy is the use of cold therapy for pain management for injuries such as runner’s knee, tendonitis, back pain and arthritis pain. It’s been used for thousands of years to reduce swelling and nerve activity and therefore pain. In fact Hippocrates spoke of the benefits of cold therapy in the form of snow and ice on […]

Cryo for hand injury

Why Cryotherapy is an Effective Injury Treatment

Effective Injury Treatment Regular gym users and sports people will often seek out an effective injury treatment when they experience discomfort and muscle soreness from unaccustomed exercise. Typically the soreness starts about 12 hours after the exercise and can peak at about 48-72 hours. The degree of pain can range from mild soreness to complete debilitation of the muscles which can […]

How to Help Improve Injury Recovery With Cryotherapy

How to Help Improve Injury Recovery With Cryotherapy

One of the most frustrating things, especially if you are a sportsperson or a manual worker, is being injured.  Some of the common injuries include sprains, pulled muscles, tears strains just to name a few.  Once injured, all your hard work takes a backward slide when you take time off to recover. The longer you […]