More and more athletes are using cryotherapy treatments which may assist them improve sports performance. Athletes, both professional and amateur, are discovering that having a cryotherapy session before an event can boost energy levels, increase the body’s resistance to strain and decrease fatigue.

Adding to that are the more popular post tournament (or post intensive training) cryotherapy treatment sessions which can help to ease muscle tension, rapidly accelerate healing to bruised, swollen or stretched muscles and decrease the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Improve Sports Performance With Cryotherapy

In performance terms that can mean less down time, high quality performance and the reduced pain and stiffness, essential for those who compete two or three times a week or workout five times a week or more. It can also be a great relief for marathon runners, as it may enable them to either have increased endurance for their event or get back to work swiftly and easily post run.

This completely natural cold therapy treatment has roots that can trace back as far as ancient Egypt, where cold therapy was used to increase healing and recovery for illness.

While current cryotherapy recovery chambers are significantly more advanced than those ancient cooling applications, it seems that even after eons, using controlled chill before and or after intense exercise can work wonders for increased stamina and injury management.

Cryotherapy in Sport Injury Management 

Athletes are pushing themselves harder today than ever before. With professional sport becoming a high wage occupation and more games and longer seasons across the board, it seems inevitable that new technologies will emerge to keep players in top condition and improve sports performance with faster recovery times, all of course, drug free.

That’s why cryotherapy in sports injury management has been adopted so quickly by sporting teams and individuals. A fast, effective and chemical free treatment that can rejuvenate cells and quicken healing.

The cryotherapy recovery chamber treatment can be especially useful for sports like track athletics, basketball and soccer. The entire New York Knicks basketball team as well as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, boxing legends like Floyd Mayweather and soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo swear by this rapid recovery system to assist their performance and recovery turnaround times.

Inside the Cryotherapy Recovery Chamber

The whole body cryotherapy recovery chamber works very quickly with no down time. Clients wear as few clothes as possible, stripping down to boxers, singlets and protective covering for fingers and toes. Stepping into the chamber the clinician will begin to fill the chamber with cold vapour created from liquid nitrogen, creating a dry mist

This completely safe and natural gas is able to bring the chamber temperature down to a staggering -100 to -170 degrees Celsius. The time in the chamber is limited to a maximum of three minutes at which point the effect of the cold can take full effect.

Within the chamber clients may feel an intense adrenalin rush which can create energy and a boosting of the metabolism as well as releasing feel good endorphins for a nice lift after a heavy workout. Blood is gently retracted from outer skin cells and muscles during the cold and rushed back full of oxygen for rapid healing, toxin flushing and reduced swelling. Once outside the chamber athletes may feel refreshed and replenished and experience a better nights’ sleep.

Cryotherapy technology is widely available to the public. The benefits of cryotherapy and its high-profile clients have meant that cryotherapy clinics have opened across the globe, with clinics fully staffed with trained clinicians and state of the art monitoring equipment to ensure every treatment session is safe and comfortable. If you would like to add your name to the growing list, contact us today to arrange your first consultation.