Cryo for Joint pains

Cryotherapy for pain management has been used in medical practice for many years. The advancement of technology with cryotherapy chambers has been incredible over the last decade, making Cryotherapy popular in health clinics for weight loss and performance enhancement. Even with the shift to Cryotherapy for healthy people, Cryotherapy continues to be an important part of pain management and rehabilitation, especially for Osteoarthritis pain relief.

In a study that was conducted on a group of 40 people with Osteoarthritis, the results solidified just how effective Whole Body Cryotherapy can be in the treatment of pain relief in enhancing mobility.

Cryotherapy for Mobility

Osteoarthritis and the associated pain and lack of mobility strikes approximately 12% of 60 year olds in Europe and the US. That rate rises to 60% of the population over 65 years old. (see the full study here)

Not only can Cryotherapy be great as an Osteoarthritis natural treatment, it may also be highly effective as a natural treatment of rheumatoid diseases, fibromyalgia and postoperative healing. This natural treatment can help to improve circulation, relieve fatigue, and neutralise the fluid retention that can cause pain and inflammation. Cryotherapy can also be beneficial in maintaining health and fitness levels of everyday people.

Treatments in a cryotherapy chamber last a maximum of three minutes and are carefully monitored as chamber temperatures are set to plummet to -170 degrees Celsius. After exiting the chamber the body will rapidly return to room temperature, with the aid of motion.

Cryotherapy for Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

In the study of 40 patients suffering Osteoarthritis, each received 10 Cryotherapy treatments and were asked to rate their pain, the frequency of the pain, and their use of pain medication before as well as following Cryotherapy sessions for pain management.

Of those who completed the study, 80% of the Osteoarthritis respondents recorded that following their Cryotherapy treatment there was a significant improvement in the reduction of pain, with either zero pain recorded or very infrequent periods of low level pain.

Prior to the Cryotherapy pain management treatment, 48% of the patients reported strong pain that was either periodic, often, very often or continuous. Another 43% reported a mild pain of the same nature, and 5% recorded very strong pain.

Following 10 sessions of whole body Cryotherapy 25% of people recorded no pain at all (previously all 40 study patients recorded some level of pain) while 63% recorded mild pain only periodically, or often following the study, a reduction in the level and frequency they started with prior to Cryotherapy treatment. All those in the study also reduced the amount and frequency of pain medication with 85% able to go without their usual pain medication and 10% able to take only on the spot painkillers for those infrequent moments of pain.

More importantly, mobility increased. With those who required partial assistance before the study then able to gain their independence back, an additional 23% of those who had limited mobility before Cryotherapy pain treatment reported no limitations.

The study was focused on the wellbeing of the patient and was looking for a proven way to allow physical activity, increased relaxation as well as an overall improvement in general well-being in those suffering from the pain and limited movement caused by Osteoarthritis.

Cryotherapy for Osteoarthritis Pain Relief Study Conclusion

The study concluded that the findings were very important as the use of Cryotherapy in effective Osteoarthritis pain relief showed conclusive positive results in the favour of using Cryotherapy to manage pain and improve lifestyle. The significance of these findings was that as Osteoarthritis affects so many people in their later years it causes a serious social, physical and economic issue.

Giving back a person’s independence, movement, and allowing them pain free living should be something that is readily available to the public.

Thankfully, with Cryotherapy now available in privately owned health clinics in Sydney it is possible to access this treatment following a pre screening questionnaire to ensure that the client is suitable for the procedure. Make an appointment today by visiting