Patient talking to a doctor

Undergoing surgery can be quite stressful. Whether the surgery is big or small, cosmetic or intense, there is a period of swelling, bruising and pain. Of course you want to do everything possible to get back to full fitness safely and ensure your systems are running smoothly.

Talking to your doctor in detail about what benefical activities you can enlist in to assist your recovery has two benefits, one, to protect you from doing any unwanted damage, and two, to enable you to familiarise yourself with new opportunities for health and wellbeing.

As part of your return to health, you might like to mention the possibility of a cryotheropy treatment to your doctor and look into the benefits of cryotheropy as part of rapid recovery after surgery.

Cryotheropy takes place in a purpose built cryosauna, found at specialised health spas and health clinics in Australia. In the US they are also found in weight loss centers, sports training studios and cosmetic surgery offices (to boost healing after a nip and tuck). Cryosaunas are widley used in Eurpoean and Japanese hospitals to aid recovery and ease the pain of inflamation.

Cryotherapy Treatment Benefits

Completing a cycle of Cryotherapy sessions has multiple benefits, and has been proven to accellerate the body’s natural healing process and ease pain and bruising following surgury and injury. Cryotheropy is able to reduce swelling, and promote an anti-inflammatory function in the body’s healing blueprint.

Considere it to be be like a super advanced and highly effective ice pack, only it goes on your entire body and and works on a much deeper level, at a more controlled rate, without the burning sensation of ice.

A cryotherapy treatment lasts three minutes and in that time there are multiple benefits

• Reduced pain from inflammation
• Reduced muscle and joint tenderness
• Immune system boost
• Increased healing to muscles and tendons
• Reduced severity of bruising
• Increased flexibility and muscle endurance
• Renewed skin and blood cells
• Reduced swelling from injury

While surgery might well be beneficial and even life saving, it’s not a natural process. This is why it’s such a relief to your body and your mind that Cryotherapy is non-invasive and natural. The only ingredient used is cold air. That cold air is made only of nitrogen mist (which makes up 70% of the earth’s atmosphere). The last thing your body needs after surgery is even more pressure or trauma. Rest assured, cryotherapy treatments are safe, simple, quick and spark an all natural reaction internally that will bring much needed nutrients, fresh oxygen and enzymes rippling through your blood stream.

There is an added relief as well. After the two to three minutes of exposure to -140 degree temperatures, the body keeps releasing endorphins, a natural feel good that produces a high and elivates pain.

It’s very normal for people to experience pain from inflamation after surgery. It’s part of the healing process, or rather, healing side effect. While the redblood cells and whiteblood cells are much needed and desired at the point of injury, to fight infection and deliver much needed care, often the fluids surrounding those cells get in the way, causing pressure, stagnation and pain.

When the body experiences the blast of cold in the cryosauna, those fluids are decreased and reistributed, allowing circulation to improve, for toxins to be flushed and fresh healthy blood to increase to all areas of the body. As a result, Cryotheropy sessions allow you to heal more rapidly, naturally, without pain and pressure.

For best results you will need to complete a cycle of sessions, while it is not recommeneded to use the cryosauna more than once a day, it is completely safe to use frequently. You might find a session every 3-5 days for a few weeks is all you need to cut back your healing time, get back in motion and feel fitter faster.

If you’re ready to get back to doing what you love most quickly after surgery, visit today and book your first Cryotherapy treatment.