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Cryotherapy May Help to Improve Sports Performance and Athletic Recovery

More and more athletes are using cryotherapy treatments which may assist them improve sports performance. Athletes, both professional and amateur, are discovering that having a cryotherapy session before an event can boost energy levels, increase the body’s resistance to strain and decrease fatigue. Adding to that are the more popular post tournament (or post intensive […]

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Feeling Stressed – CRYO Can Help to Reduce Stress Levels

It’s getting towards the busy end of the year and the extra demands on our time can interfere with our healthy routines and increase our levels of stress. There are some simple stress relieving ideas that we can try, like exercise. It’s a good way of reducing stress because when endorphins are released, our mood is […]

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Make Your Workout Routine Less Boring with Cryotherapy

Boring exercise routine killing your social life and leaving you tired? Do you feel like working out used to be heaps of fun? When you started your exercise routine you got great results, could feel your body’s response and flexibility and loved how energised you were after a knock out session. In order to maintain […]

How to Increase Running Peformance with Cryotherapy

How to Increase Running Peformance with Cryotherapy

Professional Runners, Athletes and amateur Sportspeople have traditionally used ice baths to help recover faster from their injuries, run faster and increase their performance. The problem with ice baths is that the cold you experience in them can be an unrelenting, penetrating physical cold. You also need to stay in an ice bath for around […]

How to Help Improve Injury Recovery With Cryotherapy

How to Help Improve Injury Recovery With Cryotherapy

One of the most frustrating things, especially if you are a sportsperson or a manual worker, is being injured.  Some of the common injuries include sprains, pulled muscles, tears strains just to name a few.  Once injured, all your hard work takes a backward slide when you take time off to recover. The longer you […]