Happy woman doing an exercise

Boring exercise routine killing your social life and leaving you tired?

Do you feel like working out used to be heaps of fun? When you started your exercise routine you got great results, could feel your body’s response and flexibility and loved how energised you were after a knock out session.

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and great looking body, you need to keep that workout schedule in place, even step it up from time to time, to really remind those hips whose boss.

Make Your Exercise Routine Cool Again

Over time, our exercise routines becomes predictable, boring and lose their impact. Slotting some new cardio sets into the workout schedule helps get the zap back, but for how long?

Let’s just hit pause on that workout for a second and try something completely different.


If your workout routine is putting you to sleep, you will have a blast with this cold energy session. Not only may you love the way you feel afterwards, you may also love your workout after too.

Cryotherapy was originally developed in Japan to assist with muscle pain and help relieve the pressure of inflammation. What they discovered later though, is that while it helped alleviate the pain of swollen joints and excess pressure in the blood and joints, it can also help assist muscle recovery after an intense workout, repair the body faster after injury and save the aches and pains of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Cryotherapy for Peak Performance 

Today athletes, including professional basketball players, track medallists and soccer players are using Cryotherapy sessions to help them maintain strength, ensure long lasting stamina and increase flexibility before a competition as well as assist with decreasing injury, swelling, cramping or muscle stiffness after an event.

They love it so much that Cryotherapy is rapidly replacing ice baths in the professional locker rooms, with Cryotherapy Chambers being installed in training facilities, health centres, and even player’s private homes.

Cryotherapy for Your Workout Schedule

What Cryotherapy means for you is that you can work out with extra energy and you may feel a significant difference after your session with less pain and stiffness from DOMS.

For only three minutes your body is exposed to chilled air and nitrogen mist while you are safe inside the Cryotherapy Chamber. In that short time the air in the chamber will plummet as low as -170 degrees. A trained technician will be with you the whole time, monitoring your session and keeping you informed of your progress.

The cold air can assist in triggering natural responses in your body which may include increased oxygen to your blood stream, increased immune system response and a flood of great nutrients throughout your body including endorphins and adrenalin to really help get your blood pumping.

As new blood is pulsed around your body, returning to your muscles and skin, it can cleanse and flush out any stagnant points, including excess fluid around injuries or tears and any trouble spots that might result in spider veins or cellulite.

All that can mean you feel energised and recover after a great workout.

Cryotherapy is safe and your health is the technicians number one priority at all times. If you are looking to get the spark back into your workout, maybe take your performance to the next level or are looking for some well earned results for all that hard work, book a session at cryo.com.au and see how your body uniquely responds to the treatment and the difference it can make to your exercise routine.