How to Help Improve Injury Recovery With Cryotherapy

One of the most frustrating things, especially if you are a sportsperson or a manual worker, is being injured.  Some of the common injuries include sprains, pulled muscles, tears strains just to name a few.  Once injured, all your hard work takes a backward slide when you take time off to recover. The longer you have to rest, the longer it takes for you to get back in shape.

You don’t have to be a sportsperson or manual worker either to understand the inconvenience of injuries.  Simple, every day injuries such as a lower back injury from lifting can interrupt your daily routine.

Use Whole Body Cryotherapy to Fast Track Recovery

Whole Body Cryotherapy can help ease pain, reduce swelling and heal your injuries faster. Whole Body Cryotherapy may assist you to recover from your sports injuries quicker as your pain can be minimised during the treatment and for a while afterwards.  This can allow a person to receive a more intensive treatment for their injuries from their usual practitioner such as a Physiotherapist or Osteopath.

If you use Whole Body Cryotherapy as part of your normal treatment programme, you may find that you actually recover faster from your injury. Improvement in the range of movement can also be achieved if Whole Body Cryotherapy is used in conjunction with the usual treatment methods.  It can basically makes your normal treatments work better.

Many medical conditions including arthritis, inflammatory disorders and chronic conditions, such as psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia and ankylosing spondylitis can also be improved with Whole Body Cryotherapy.

How does Whole Body Cryotherapy help Injury Recovery?

When you are in pain, nerve pulses send messages to your brain to tell you that you are in pain.  Once inside the Cryosauna, where you will experience temperatures of around -150c for up to 3 minutes, the cold can slow down the nerve impulses so that your pain becomes minimalised.  Cryotherapy may also assist with the reduction of swelling.  When you have a swelling, it’s the body’s response to injury – chemicals are released by the tissues of the affected area which makes the surrounding blood vessels dilate. Cryotherapy does the opposite, it makes your blood vessels constrict and thus reduce the swelling.

Healing can be accelerated with Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments as it can reduce the metabolic rate in the cells.  It can give cells a much better chance of survival after injury and also can allow them to regenerate.  Whole Body Cryotherapy can effectively help more of your cells to recover and therefore you may heal faster. During your treatment, your blood becomes enriched with hormones, oxygen and healing enzymes as it flows through the internal organs. As soon as you finish your treatment, your blood vessels then do the exact opposite – they dilate.  Enriched blood then flows back to the rest of your body.  Your blood flows faster and this can assist the lymph system to work more effectively which in turn can assist the healing process.

What Happens During a Cryotherapy Treatment?

You enter the Cryosauna− an open-topped chamber about the size of a small shower – and the door is closed with your head and neck are not covered so they are exposed to room air above the device. A fine nitrogen mist is then sprayed onto your body in order to lower the temperature.  This mist reduces the air temperature in the chamber and you are exposed to extremely low temperatures of up to −150°c for up to 3 minutes. During this time, the average skin temperature drops to near zero whilst the homeostatic core body temperature remains unchanged at about 37°C. You are never left alone.  A trained Therapist stays with you throughout your treatment and you can leave the chamber at any time you wish during the treatment.

CRYO – Sydney’s Newest Faster Injury Recovery Clinic

CRYO is Sydney’s newest injury recovery clinic, and has recently opened in Sydney’s Eastern Suburb at Edgecliff at 226 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff NSW 2027. Telephone 1300 332 796 or book online now at  Cryo have packages to suit all budgets and are happy to talk to you about a programme that suits your needs and goals.