Woman having a cryo session

If you are considering Cryotherapy or you are curious about a cryo procedure you’ll be pleased to note it’s got a complete package of benefits. Think of it as a chamber of gifts that assists your body to heal, grow and strengthen – inside and out.

Like any paid procedure, it’s important to get the most from the experience, which is why we have listed the top things to do before your Cryotherapy procedure.

Rather than a strict set of rules and preparations that inhibit your lifestyle, these handy hints will actually increase your lifestyle choices and let you loose to live a little.

See below for how to get the Best cryotherapy results and benefits across your entire body, as well as reap the full benefits of every Cryotherapy procedure.

1. Plan Some Serious Exercise
Train hard just before (or just after) to experience the benefits of reduced inflammation, reduced muscle soreness and relief from joint pain. If you have been unfortunate enough to injure yourself during training you will see an increase in muscle repair and accelerated repair of bruising as well. For serious fitness junkies, Cryotherapy has also been said to improve stamina, muscle strength and have you back to your peak condition fast.

2. Focus on Diet and Weight Loss
Rapid weight loss is not recommended by health care professionals. Losing weight over a gradual period of time through healthy diet and exercise is not only less stressful on your body, it will assist to maintain a healthy weight balance over a longer length of time, rather than yo-yoing up and down the scales. On and off diets can be stressful for your skin, internal organs and immune system, not to mention your confidence. For those who have been working hard and losing weight the right way, reward yourself with a Cryotherapy procedure.

Cryotherapy is great for shedding that last few per cent of stubborn fat, maximising skin firmness and evenness after weight loss, flushing toxins that were released into your blood during fat burn, renewing cells, and giving your metabolism a reset so it can find a natural rhythm. Looking and feeling your best and brightest is important, Cryotherapy can give you that last little polish as well as help you to stay in top shape.

3. Book Complementary Health Appointments
Book your physio or osteo appointment for a few hours after your Cryotherapy procedure.
Cryotherapy maximises the results of other physical therapies. When receiving additional treatments after Cryotherapy, the oxygenised blood, extra nutrients and active immune system all go to work to create a faster path of healing where you need it most. Any pressure points that are activated or released during physical therapy will get immediate sustenance and assistance for deeper repair and faster response time.

4. Have a Big Night Out
Cryotherapy is a great hangover cure! Not many health businesses recommend this one, but a Cryotherapy technician will be most happy for you to come to your morning appointment worse for wear after a big night out. In three minutes the symptoms are gone, leaving you feeling clear headed, nourished, and revitalised as well as giving you an energy and endorphin boost to get you through the rest of the day.

Each subsequent visit will not only deliver the same results, it can actually improve your body and performance even more with repetition.

So no matter what you have been up to, a Cryotherapy procedure can assist in getting you back to perfect. It Cryotherapy is what you need following a wedding, a triathlon or for achieving that bikini body, book your first Cryo whole body cryotherapy sessions online today at www.cryo.com.au