Cryotherapy to improve your immune system

The best way to avert colds in winter is to improve your immune system. A whole body cryotherapy session in Cryo’s Roseberry or Edgecliff clinics – both locations are conveniently located near the centre of Sydney – can help to prevent cold and flu.

The exposure to extreme temperatures during a Cryo session constricts the flow of blood to your blood vessels, muscles and skin surface tissue which can help to expel harmful toxins. Those harmful toxins in your red blood cells are replaced by fresh oxygen, nutrients and enzymes. The constriction of blood to your muscles and skin surface tissue can mean blood is being pumped more efficiently to your arteries and internal organs.

After your Cryo session, when your body returns to a normal temperature, the opposite occurs. The blood vessels open and nutrient rich blood cells with an increased amount of antibody protection flows back into the skin and muscle tissue. New blood is pumped to the body’s extremities. After your Cryo session, your immune system may have received a significant boost.

Australian winter health tips and cryotherapy reviews and recommendations, suggest that the benefits of a cryotherapy session can be increased when combined with a balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise.

Cryotherapy can work quickly. A session is only a few minutes long and there’s no preparation or post session treatment required, unlike most other therapies, exercises or practices. The feeling of cold during a Cryo session is unlike the cold we experience in uncontrolled environments. Nitrogen gas at a sub-zero temperature is not the same as standing in the snow unprotected from the elements. Most people, after their first Cryo session, claim the feeling is unlike anything they have experienced before. They don’t feel cold and shiver – in fact many claim they can leave the chamber feeling immediately revitalised.