cryotherapy chamber in Sydney

Cryo is proud to have been the very first to bring Cryotherapy to Sydney following years of extensive research. We love that our stylish clinic in Sydney’s east and our experienced and professional staff can provide our clients with a unique Cryo experience like no other!

“Our clients, their safety and the Cryo experience we provide remains at the forefront of everything we do” Cryo’s Founder, Jacob Ohlson said. “We continually research ways to ensure we remain the leader in this area, which is one of the main reasons why we made the decision to invest in the purchase of the CTN Cryocabin”.

Since the Cryocabin was installed in June 2017, the feedback from our clients has been AMAZING and better than what could have hoped for!!

In relation to the client experience, key advantages of the Cryocabin over machines we have used in the past include:

  • The Cryocabin operates automatically allowing staff to focus 100% on the client and their experience
  • The sounds the Cryocabin makes are quieter
  • The mist being the finest of any Cryotherapy machine we have tested has significant treatment advantages. The extremely fine cold particles are able to impact more of your exposed skin resulting in a significantly better treatment outcome for our clients
  • The way the mist is uniquely delivered into the chamber during your treatment ensures a greater overall distribution of cold across your whole body
  • The mist moves around you in a patented vortex, significantly reducing the amount you need to turn during your treatment
  • The Cryocabin’s boost function allows treatment to be focused more on the upper body if required by the client
  • Clients can easily see details about the treatment including temperatures, time remaining and a heat map of their upper body
  • Safety features that gives the client control over the ability to stop the machine if they aren’t feeling comfortable

A big thanks to Cryobody for bringing this technology to Australia allowing us to further enhance the CRYO experience for our clients.

If you haven’t tried the Cryocabin yet, we’d recommend booking a cryotherapy session with us – it’s nothing like you have ever experienced before!