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Winter chill and rain can really bring the mood down and cause energy levels to plummet. If you are like the majority of people in Sydney this winter you might be finding it harder to get up in the morning, feeling run down and fatigued or finding your brain waves are flat lining before you’ve even started work.

When you are low on energy even the simplest tasks can become a chore, more mistakes creep in, your focus is fuzzy and you might lose patience faster.

You may also find you are creeping closer to sugar and high GI foods to get that energy boost, only to fall flat and feel worse twenty minutes later.

Boosting your energy when you are tired seems like a double-edged blade. When you need energy the most, it can feel at it’s hardest to obtain.

So here are six effortless ways to boost your energy naturally and bring some well-earned sunshine into even the greyest day.

How To Boost Energy When Tired

  1. Eat nuts

Add a handful of almonds, hazelnuts or cashews to your daily diet either as part of your meal (over salad or cereal) or as a healthy snack. The magnesium, protein and slow burning energy of nuts will help you feel energised, sustained and satisfied.

  1. Balance your meals

Skipping meals is a sure fire way to slow your metabolism and drain your energy. Make sure you have a wholesome nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner to help cut back on the sugary snacks. Do include fish as part of your diet. Fish has great natural properties, is light and easy to digest, and adds some variety to keep your life spicy.

  1. Go for a walk

Nothing chases the blues away like a power walk around the block. You’ll come back feeling brighter and more awake. Ideally go for a 30 minute walk in the morning and a 30 minute walk in the evening for best results, although a quick blast around the block in your lunch break is still going to get your blood zinging. If it’s raining, take an umbrella! No excuses, just get moving.

  1. Take regular naps.

You won’t believe the difference a nap can make to extending your day. It only needs to be 15 minutes and you’ll find energy that lasts into the evening. The trick is to nap for the same amount of time at the same time of day. So you could arrange a 15 minute nap at 3pm every day (or 5 days a week if you like). Up to 60 minutes is fine before it will affect your night-time sleeping.

  1. Go for a cryotherapy session

Cryotherapy is a fantastic all over body blast that can have you feeling energised instantly.  Whole body cryotherapy treatments in Sydney are priced to enable you to visit regularly. Following cryotherapy treatment, your energy levels may increase, your circulation and metabolism may improve and your focus can be sharpened. It can be great to do before a workout and may help move that winter weight. Some people may find their focus improves significantly following a cryotherapy session. It may also help improve your sleep for longer more restful sleep, helping to reduce fatigue. If you suffer from SADs cryotherapy can be a natural booster of your endorphin levels, and may leave you not only energised, but feeling genuinely great inside and out.

  1. Drink water (cut back on sugary drinks and alcohol)

When you are warm and active drinking water is easy. In cold weather though, fluid intakes can change. If you need to, add some hot water to your glass so it’s not as uncomfortable to drink on a cold day. If you are a tea drinker try it black and sugarless to get the most hydration benefits.

Not only will these things assist with improving your energy levels they can also help fight off colds and flu. Keep your body topped up and fighting fit, Cryotherapy especially can help boost your immune system to help you stay on top of those winter nasties that can play havoc on your routine, energy levels and zest for life.

The best part about kicking your winter blues to the curb early is that, come summer, you’ll be toned, bright and ready to go.

If you would like to chase the winter blues away and help boost your energy when tired, visit today.