Tired woman

Australia is a nation of go-go-go, especially in Sydney, with a perfect coast, wild nights and eclectic mingling. It’s a dream blend of work and party, family and catch-ups, beach and shopping, gym and Netflix.

All that action comes with a price tag. Energy.

If you want to have it all but feel like you just don’t have the stamina or energy to get you there, a Cryotherapy clinic may be able to offer you an additional and healthy boost to give your body a chance to keep up with your lifestyle.

Whole Body Cryotherapy Can Boost Energy

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a cold treatment conducted in a speciality clinic that can give you an all over internal boost. It may not just be your energy that is lifted. Your immune system, blood cells, endorphins, focus, and recovery ability all may benefit, as well potential alleviation from skin conditions, insomnia, muscle soreness and hangover symptoms.

If you are wondering what the catch is, there isn’t one. Whole Body Cryotherapy is safe and effective. The treatment itself is set at a maximum time of three minutes. You stand in an individual Cryotherapy Chamber which is able to reach amazingly low temperatures, as low as -170 degrees.

How a Whole Body Cryotherapy Session Works

Your Cryotherapy session is carefully monitored and regulated by a technician, who will remain with you at all times as the chamber fills with cold nitrogen mist.

While it is best to get maximum exposure to your skin, your safety is always taken care of so light undergarments can be worn as well as the compulsory gloves and socks to protect fingers and toes from extreme cold. If you have piercings that can’t be removed they can be covered as well.

As the cold mist envelopes your body, the chamber rapidly drops in temperature, causing your skin and body to react to the cold.

During the cold minutes your internal organs are protected and sustained by an increase of blood to the core of your body. Blood is drawn away from the skin and muscles, enriched not only with oxygen but also essential natural nutrients and hormones that may aid in giving give you a boost that you will really feel.

When the treatment is complete, your blood returns to regular circulation, taking with it all those added nutrients and oxygen, that can give you fresh, rich blood and energy to burn. It can also be a great way to boost your metabolism and feel fresh.

Book now at cryo.com.au to try it before or after your next big event, exam, photo shoot or party – it may help you to look and feel your very best with energy to burn.