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It really is amazing how a good night’s sleep the night before can make all the difference to your day. A sound, natural sleep is relaxing, healing and energising. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the luxury of just closing their eyes and drifting off. One of the frustrating things can be that there could be any number of reasons behind a person’s insomnia, which means a lot of hit and miss solutions and very few actual sleep treatments.

One cool way to turn your lights out when your head hits the pillow is Cryotherapy as it’s a brilliant cure for all things out of balance in your body. If you’re looking for a natural and safe way to get a good night’s shut eye, then a cryotherapy treatment may be just what you need to cure insomnia.

How Cryotherapy Works

Cryotherapy was invented back in the 1970’s in Japan as relief from muscle and joint pain. It draws on the body’s natural response method, and the science behind it is wonderfully simple. When our bodies suffer a drop in temperature, a response is triggered and a string of actions take place internally. These actions ready us for the worst, protecting our core and vital organs, strengthening and boosting our internal systems to enable us to weather the storm and come through fit and healthy.

What the Japanese founder discovered was that you do not need to put the body into stress or submerge it in sub zero waters to get the benefits of this natural response. Instead, he created a cryosauna, or cryo chamber, that used dry cold air to trick the skin into believing the atmosphere is freezing cold, and set things in motion.

It’s a temperature we would never experience in the natural environment. If you imagine standing on Antarctica, in only your undies, it’s almost twice as cold as that! The fabulous part is that these changes take place so quickly, that all you need is two to three minutes in a cryo chamber to get relief and you are free to warm up again.

Cryotherapy for Insomnia

Many insomnia sufferers have reported that after just one Cryotherapy session they start to experience a better night’s sleep. While a single session won’t be able to cure your insomnia forever, just giving yourself a break from the sleepless cycle will do wonders.

Cryotherapy is safe to do regularly and the more often you visit, the longer the results last. For longer lasting and more effective results it is recommended that you complete a 10 session Cryotherapy cycle, visiting every three to seven days if possible.

For different people the response may vary, for example, if the reason for your insomnia was that you were experiencing back or muscle pain that you never realized you had, the relief in the cryo chamber would be instant, and a beautiful sleep resulting in the absence of pain or discomfort would be had.

Or it could be something as simple as resetting your core temperature enabled your system to equalize and get you back to a natural rhythm. Or just that your body has done such a great job restoring and boosting you internally you just need proper rest to continue healing, just as if you had completed a trek in the high mountains and found yourself sleeping deeply in a tent.

Cryotherapy for Better Health

As well as a sleep treatment to cure insomnia, Cryotherapy has many general health benefits and is powerful enough to alleviate chronic and depilating muscle disorders and bring some gratifying relief for hours, even days.

Cryotherapy has really taken off in western countries in recent times, thanks to the amazing number of benefits this cool treatment brings.

• Metabolism boost and calorie burn
• Faster healing and recovery from endurance exercise, surgery and bruising
• Release of endorphins that assist in feel good factor and pain relief
• Muscle and blood detoxification
• Accelerated issue repair
• Increased circulation and blood cell nutrients
• Increased collagen production and improved skin tone
• Immune system boost
• Enzyme production
• Energy
• Adrenalin boost
• Renewed blood cells
• Release of built up fluid around joints and injures relieving pain
• Decreased inflammation resulting in weight loss and pain relief
• Relief from skin irritations like eczema
• Sound night’s sleep

Celebrities and athletes have created a wave of love for Cryotherapy treatments as the benefits have been clear and proven over and over. As a result, Cryo chambers are common throughout the UK and US beauty and sports clinics, with many athletic training facilities replacing the ice bath treatments with these natural and safe three minute treatment sessions. Now the trend is extending to Australia.

If it’s time you tried a new sleep treatment in a bid to cure insomnia, book today at and we’ll have you counting sheep in no time.