New Mom with the baby

If you are working hard at getting your body back into shape after having a child but it still feels as though there are parts that just won’t tone no matter what you do, try whole body cryotherapy in Sydney.

Whole body cryotherapy treatment for weight loss as part of a routine that includes a healthy diet and exercise, rapidly increases the body’s metabolic rate. Studies have shown that this can cause the body to ‘burn’ up to 800 calories in the hours following a Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment. The initial burning of kilojoules after a Cryo treatment is enough to commence a gradual process of weight loss when combined with a healthy lifestyle and regular Cryo sessions.

It’s possible that you have a toddler or two in addition to your infant. A whole body cryotherapy treatment is great for your energy levels. Extremely cold temperatures increase the flow of oxygenated blood to the internal organs, muscles and blood vessels. Fresh oxygenated blood filled with natural enzymes makes you feel like a new person. It’s just what you need to maintain your busy schedule if your a new Mum.

If you feel as though you need some additional support to tone those really stubborn parts of the body the you should try the unique and revolutionary CRYOSLIM™. As a weight loss treatment, CRYOSLIM™ targets and cools the fat cells. Once frozen, fat cells are broken down and eliminated from the body as waste. As the fat cells are killed off, the remaining cells condense which reduces the layers of fat on the body. Repeating the process kills more fat cells and the body’s fat layers continue to reduce.

The target areas for CRYOSLIM™ include the lower and upper abdomen, inner, outer and upper thighs, bra lines, waist, lower and upper back and arms.

With young ones to take care of you know better than anybody how difficult it is to get some free time. A CRYOSLIM™ treatment is quick and because it is a safe, non-surgical treatment, you can return to normal activities immediately after your treatment. You don’t need to be away from the kids for long and when you return you will feel revitalised and full of energy.

Cryotherapy skin treatment is a great way to achieve natural skin rejuvenation without needing to revert to any other type of intervention. Whole body cryotherapy is great for stretch marks and cellulite. After being exposed to extremely cold temperatures, the flow of fresh, oxygenated blood and healing enzymes through the blood vessels increases the production of collagen for greater skin elasticity and firmness. After a 3 minute treatment your skin is refreshed and more elastic due to collagen stimulation. Collagen production refreshes and revitalises your skin and leaves you looking younger and healthier.

Try a single session of Cryo and experience the benefits for yourself. Cryo can be purchased in 3, 10 or 20 session packs or you can sign up for a monthly subscription.

The unique CRYOSLIM™  can also be purchased in 1,2,3 or 4 session packs.

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