Lose weight fast through Cryo

Are you frustrated with trying to lose weight? You’ve stuck to your healthy eating plan and you exercise regularly but you’re not achieving fast enough results?  We have a solution that is a proven, safe and wholistic way to lose fat.  Check out CRYO’s state of the art Whole Body Cryotherapy Clinic that’s just opened in Sydney’s Edgecliff.

What is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the general use of low temperatures in medical therapy.  It’s not new, in fact

Whole body Cryotherapy was developed in Japan by Professor Toshiro Yamaguchi in 1978 for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Since then there has been much research into the other health benefits including weight loss.

With whole body Cryotherapy, the body is exposed to extremely low temperatures of −140°c for up to 3 minutes. During this time, the average skin temperature drops to about 10°c whilst the core body temperature remains unchanged.  Once you are in the Cryosauna (your head and neck area are not covered by the chamber and so are exposed to room air above the device), a fine nitrogen mist is then sprayed onto your body in order to lower the temperature.  You are never left alone.  A trained Medical Grade Therapist stays with you throughout your treatment and you can leave the chamber at any time you wish during the treatment.

The Best Fat Burner

A cryotheraphy weight loss program can help by rapidly increasing your metabolic rate which, combined with regular exercise and healthy eating is the best way to lose fat faster than you normally would. After your CRYO treatment, your brain signals to the rest of your body to pump blood to your core to increase your body heat and therefore your metabolic rate.  Then, the enriched blood rushes back out and through your body, boosting immunity, cell renewal, and providing natural pain relief.  Your body is therefore using a considerable amount of energy to heat back up again and this is how CRYO’s whole body therapy, as a supplement to your healthy eating and exercise plan, will assist you to achieve a faster weight loss.

For up to about 8 hours following your whole body CRYO session, you’ll burn about 2000−3300 Kilojoules (kJ).  That’s around 500 – 800 calories. So, a 3 minute CRYO session is the equivalent of a 45 minute run.  In order to achieve weight loss, you need to burn an extra 500 calories per day.  One session will have you feeling amazingly energised as the cold temperatures trigger a rush of “good feeling” endorphins and the mood effects of the treatment can last for days.

If it’s weight loss you’re after, then you’ll achieve the maximum results with repeated sessions, along with improved circulation and muscle tone.

How Often Should I have a CRYO session to Lose Weight?

In order to achieve the maximum weight loss results with CRYO, in addition to your healthy eating and exercise plan, we recommend that you book in for a minimum of 10 sessions within a 2-3 week period and it’s safe to have a CRYO session every day.  The reason for this is after your first few sessions, your increased metabolic rate tends to last longer between treatments and therefore the benefits are cumulative.

At CRYO, we are able to personalise a programme for you to assist you in your weight loss goals with a number of different packages.

We now offer CRYOSLIM™ at our Roseberry and Edgecliff locations.
It targets stubborn areas of fat in a time efficient manner.