Cryotherapy session in winter

The latest developments in maintaining health

There are some simple principles that apply to good health all year round. One of those is health and wellbeing practices that release and increase your endorphins naturally. Releasing endorphins invigorates the senses, boosts the metabolism and benefits the immune system. Endorphins are known to boost several immune functions in the body. 

Widening the blood vessels using whole body cryotherapy can increase circulation to perform a physiological response that can benefit any number of ailments. That’s not to say that whole body cryotherapy in isolation is the key to a strong immune system, but if used in cooperation with nutrients, vitamins, a good diet and plenty of rest, cryotherapy can be another form of defence against the common cold and flus.

Cryotherapy and the Winter Blues

Most of us have experienced the common cold this year, and if you have been unlucky enough, possibly the Flu.  The team at the Cryo Clinic are seeing improved client outcomes in reducing cold and flu susceptibility with consistent Cryotherapy treatment.  It is thought that the extremely low temperatures associated with a two to three-minute whole body Cryotherapy treatment may trigger your body’s natural response to colder temperatures.  After a brief session, it is believed your blood rushes to your core where it is enriched with oxygen and other vital nutrients, which can then provide you with both an endorphin rush and immune system boost at the same time. So if you are finding you are often sick throughout the year, perhaps consider Cryotherapy for your cold or flu prevention?

Cryotherapy and Winter Fitness

In Winter we tend to rug up when venturing outdoors.  While this is practical in extremely low temperatures, Sydney enjoys a pretty mild climate all year round.  If participating in exercise this Winter in preparation for the next planned holiday where you hope to look and feel your best, you may have embarked on a physically demanding new regimen to fast-track your beach body.  While a new exercise program is always best discussed with your doctor prior to hitting the track at speed, even the fittest of people are more prone to injury when they cool down rather than warm down. Cryotherapy treatments after a heavy workout may offer a way to reduce muscle soreness and accelerate injury recovery time and in turn, better fitness in Winter.

Cryotechnology: Potent, Practical and Painless

In a similar way to an icepack, Cryotechnology applies cold to your pain points in a way that is fast and effective, creating the benefits of cold therapy over broad areas of your body. Cryotechnology has developed to where it can be applied in short intervals to large areas of the body, making it an amazing way that can help to treat arthritis, inflammatory conditions, sports injuries and chronic pain.   Devotees of this technology proport the extreme cold can help reduce pain associated with inflammation and temporarily reduce the size of blood vessels to slow down the capillaries associated with swelling and joint pain.

For a more in-depth discussion about the lifestyle and health benefits of Cryotherapy get in touch with us at the Cryo Clinic for an expert introduction to this evolving treatment.