cryotherapy for hangover

For as long as people have been drinking, there have been any number of hangover cures that advocates guarantee to work everytime. Fatty food, coca cola, lots of water before you start drinking or a glass of water between drinks, vitamin B supplements and the list goes on and on and … on.

These so called cures may provide some sort of a placebo effect. You may have convinced yourself that a glass of coke or a big breakfast provided the hit of sugar or carbohydrate that got you through a particularly unpleasant morning. But what does alcohol actually do to your body and why, for the most part, should these so called cures be taken with a grain of salt?

Let’s not beat around the bush, alcohol is toxic for your body. Taken in higher than modest quantities it affects the brain, liver, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, lining of the stomach, and various hormonal and regulatory systems. The kidneys are required to work much harder to process alcohol through your body so you urinate more often which will explain why you are dehydrated.

If that wasn’t enough it effects hormones, blood chemistry, the sleep-wake cycle, and it releases inflammatory chemicals into the bloodstream which accounts for some of the more unpleasant feelings you get when you’re hungover.

And they are just the physical effects. Alcohol is also a depressant, so while you are feeling physically ill from excessive drinking you are likely to feel depressed as well.

For those of you asking how long does a hangover last or who can’t recall how long a hangover lasts, the general rule is twenty four hours. Technically, your hangover treatment is waiting for any traces of alcohol to leave your body.

Cryo for hangovers

A cryotherapy session in Edgecliff and Rosebery may be the hangover solution you are looking for. One of the best way to hydrate the body after it has been so dehydrated, can be to hydrate the cells and provide it with nutrients and fresh oxygen right away. A Cryo treatment works through microcirculation – which can promote blood flow to the smallest vessels to get the bodies primary functions working efficiently. Blood is pushed blood to your core it and harmful toxins are delivered to your lymphatic system for removal.

Nutrients sent to the vital organs can reverse the feelings of fatigue. The mind that was vague and slow to react prior to a cryo session may be restored to full function.

A Cryo treatment can not only help the body recover from too much alcohol but treatments can reduce the inclination to drink excessively. CRYO can help the body return to a more active lifestyle. It can have a holistic benefit that supports muscle and joint recovery and promotes the release of endorphins and serotonin which may assist to improve our moods and sharpen our cognitive functions. CRYO may also have a positive, therapeutic effect on the body’s central nervous system, helping to relieve the impact of stress on the body.

Our fully trained and professional Cryo clinicians will guide you through your first session to ensure you have a safe and positive experience.