Cryo for weight loss

Are you looking for natural ways to improve your workout routine, lose that last five kilos or really get motivated to fit into those skinny jeans?

Cryotherapy is a fantastic modern weight loss treatment that can get you where you want to be naturally. No cutting, vacuuming or lasers. No matter what body you have right now, and what results you are looking to gain, a session in a Cryotherapy chamber can get you there.

Weight Loss Treatment

While surgical weight loss might seem like a fast way to shed a kilo or two, the best weight loss tips and practical advice all point to the same place, taking time, being natural and rebooting your routine in a way that works for your lifestyle.

If you put all that money into surgical weight loss, you are taking a short cut that might not assist in changing your routine. Weight loss works naturally if you reduce stress levels, take up regular exercise, drink lots of water, have plenty of energy and eat well-balanced meals. Without these healthy choices, your surgical treatment will either have limited results or perhaps none at all, all with a cost to your mind, body and wallet.

That’s why a Cryotherapy weight loss treatment works so much more effectively, it’s not a shortcut, but a way to accelerate the results of a healthy lifestyle or new routine. It moves with you as you make gradual changes towards a more healthy, confident you, creating long-term effective results you will love, faster than you would get with exercise alone.

Actors, models and singers are raving about what Cryotherapy weight loss treatments are capable of. Daniel Craig, Lindsay Lohan and Mandy Moore, who need phenomenal looking bodies as part of their performance, swear by this treatment for staying on top of a great physique. According to their accounts, as well as Cryotherapy weight loss reviews by numerous media and bloggers on Cryotherapy success, it’s worth giving the treatment a go.

How Cryotherapy Works

There are quite a few different Cryotherapy methods which include localised treatments for stubborn areas, whole body cryotherapy rooms (also good for groups) and Cryotherapy Chambers (or cryo saunas).

For all over body results, the cryo sauna session is the one that Cryotherapy weight loss reviews say gets the best results. This is the treatment that sports athletes rely on for high-intensity training and recovery. It’s personal, one person only, you are only exposed from the neck down, with your head free, which means clear vision, as there are no nitro mist clouds to wade through. As well as clear air, you will be breathing at room temperature. You also get personal one-on-one attention from a Cryotherapy specialist, no other Cryotherapy treatment can offer all that.

Stepping into a Cryotherapy chamber for three minutes is as much as you need to do to get your new body started. There are some initial questions and forms to complete that will ensure you are healthy for the treatment and to determine just what kind of results you are looking for. After that, you strip down to undergarments (you can opt for shorts and singlets if you prefer), don some finger and toe protection and let the ice-cold nitrogen gas go to work. During this swift chill session, your body will respond to the cold. At this point in the weight loss treatment session your skin will tighten and firm and excess fluid, that was causing bloating and puffiness, will decrease. You will also notice a significant energy boost and adrenalin rush as you watch the temperature plummet and hear your countdown start.

While the chamber is cold (colder than Antarctica, at -140 degrees) you will warm up again very quickly and very naturally when you exit the chamber and return to room temperature.

Some light exercise here will get you warmer even faster and put that newfound energy to good use. In the warming up phase your metabolism speeds up, burning up to 800 additional calories as you rapidly and evenly warm to a regular temperature.

At the same time, blood rich in oxygen is sent to skin and muscles, repairing, firming and smoothing as well as increasing circulation and flushing out stagnant toxins.

How can Cryotherapy Help you Reach Your Ideal Weight?

Already fit and want those abs to really pop?
Cryotherapy treatments reduce excess fluid and helps flush toxins in the skin and outer muscles, giving you a razor-sharp edge. Great for just before a body building competition or if you’re about to go to a beach party and really want to show off all that hard work. You’ll see the difference as soon as you step from the chamber, and the improvements will last a good few hours. At the same time, your metabolism will increase significantly, in the five to eight hours following a session that increased circulation and calorie burn will help enhance and keep that razor edge effect longer.

Feeling a bit sluggish around the middle?
You get all the benefits of a fluid retention flush, which will instantly cut back weight caused by swelling, especially around your stomach and love handles. This treatment will also tighten and firm the skin, so those saggy areas will get a lift and give you some confidence to keep at it. If you have been losing weight but find your new loose skin is causing lumps and rolls in unwanted places, a Cryotherapy treatment will help you tighten, smooth and firm up through natural skin rejuvenation thanks to lots of oxygen fresh blood and the promotion of your skin’s natural firming agent, collagen.

Looking for motivation to lose weight?
Starting a diet can be tough, both emotionally and physically. It can take time to see results and those cravings can seem too strong to resist. A Cryotherapy weight loss session is an all-over boost to improve how you look and feel and really get you powering towards your weight loss goals.

Just three minutes will increase your diet performance, have you feeling energised and positive and ready to tackle those scales.

To see the best results, especially for those just starting out on the weight loss journey, more is better. Cryotherapy is safe enough to do daily, however, ten sessions spread out over a month or three is perfect for intense, long-lasting results.

Cryotherapy for weight loss is designed to help assist you towards your goal, so if you are wanting a complete overnight transformation, it might not be the right fit for you, although just be careful, your health is far more valuable than your appearance.

If you are looking to get some great efficient assistance for all the hard work you are doing, or want to be doing, then Cryotherapy natural weight loss treatments can assist in getting you there, in a safe, fun and positive way. Book your Cryotherapy session at