Following our previous statement in October 2018 regarding Cryo Australia, we wish to make another statement following the recent media coverage on Today Tonight regarding Cryo Australia, its Sydney franchise location, its Australian machine distribution business and reported details of the co-owner, Neran De Silva, being a convicted rapist and allegedly reported as currently in detention.

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2018 Media article in The Australian: click here

Cryo Australia is a Gold Coast based Cryotherapy business with a very similar name to ours, who also had a Parramatta franchise in Sydney, which has now closed.

We wish to make it clear that our company CRYO is not associated in any way with Cryo Australia and its co-owner, Neranjan De Silva.

When partnering with CRYO to help you achieve your health and wellness goals, we want you to know that you are choosing a company that:

  • Is owned by well-respected and passionate representatives of the community with no criminal records, who hold the highest standard of ethics in all business dealings
  • Employs exceptional staff across all our CRYO locations
  • Has a zero tolerance policy for violence against women and men
  • Puts your health and safety as its highest priority
  • Offers premium and unique services in state of the art clinics
  • Is proud to be able to offer our CRYO clients treatments using the highest quality, state-of-the-art, advanced technology from global leaders in Finland (Cryotech Nordic & CTN) and the United States (LightStim)
  • Continues to do regular extensive research into the latest technologies available to ensure we remain the leaders in the field of health, wellness and anti-ageing

If you have any concerns relating to this, please contact me further to discuss.

Jacob Ohlson
1300 332 796