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Does Whole Body Cryotherapy Help With Back Pain?

Back pain can vary from a mild and persistent ache to debilitating pain that often interrupts a person’s mobility and even their ability to carry out their profession. In some instances, skilled professionals will struggle to tell you precisely what causes back pain and why it can feel as though it is resistant to treatment. 

Back pain can come from the lower, middle or upper back. It can be caused by damaged nerves or muscular and ligament strains. Anybody who has experienced chronic back pain knows that diagnosis and remedy can be punctuated by experimentation, some short and partial relief only to be followed by relapses into more episodes of acute pain.

Whole body cryotherapy for back pain can penetrate deep into the muscles for an even, deep relief that can last longer and work more effectively than many other treatments. Cryotherapy can interrupt the nerve impulses that inform the brain that the body is in pain. While the body is exposed for short periods to extremely cold temperatures, it constricts the flow of blood through the blood vessels which can help to reduce swelling. After your session, fresh oxygenated blood rushes back through your body and can target the inflamed and damaged areas. Rather than applying cold in other, less scientific ways, Cryotherapy pain management will not cause tissue damage. The exposure to extreme cold is brief for maximum effect. 

If you have back pain or if you suffer from chronic pain because you suffer from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis or another form of pain resulting from a sporting injury, accident or surgery whole body Cryotherapy may help you to heal. You can book a Cryotherapy session in Rosebery and Edgecliff online.

Whole body Cryotherapy can work in other ways too. If you are tired, stressed and susceptible to colds and flus, then exercise, sleep, nutrition and adding Cryotherapy sessions to your lifestyle can help you to be better equipped for life’s challenges.