Think CRYOTHERAPY can’t be used for injury recovery? You’ve most likely already treated yourself with cold therapy throughout your life – just using an ice pack to reduce inflammation when you hit your head or sprain a muscle is a small form of CRYOTHERAPY. 


After an intense workout or muscle injury, it is believed by specialists in CRYOTHERAPY that the treatment of down to -130 degrees Celsius temperatures to the body can awaken the cold shock proteins in the body (how your body reacts to stay alive when subjected to extremely cold temperatures). These then heavily increase the amino acids and tissue-building hormones in the body, which can assist in repairing muscle damage. 


When our bodies are forced quickly into “survival mode,” blood rushes to our most vital organs in order to provide oxygen to keep us alive, after stepping out of a full-body CRYOTHERAPY, that new blood is then rushed through the rest of the body, washing out the “bad” and replacing it with “good” toxin-free and tissue-healing blood instead. Your body can also be left with enhanced endorphins that increase energy and stabilize your mood. 


CRYOTHERAPY has many other immediate and gradual effects on the body that can help aid in injury recovery, including:

  • Numbs and reduces pain in localised areas;
  • Reduces muscle spasms that increase pain;
  • Decreases metabolism, meaning less oxygen needed which decreases the likelihood of future tissue damage; 
  • Reduction in the body’s oxidated stress;
  • Eliminates pain and discomfort so rehabilitation is more likely to succeed; and
  • Reduces blood flow and swelling.


How soon after an injury can I begin CRYOTHERAPY?


Depending on the type and severity of your injury, CRYOTHERAPY can be beneficial at different times in the healing process. For minor muscle strains from sports injuries etc., therapy can begin immediately after the injury occurs. If surgery was required, you should wait until the skin has begun to seal/heal before putting any strain on the muscles underneath. For localized CRYOTHERAPY, many medical practitioners recommend treatment for 3 – 10 days after injury. It’s best to speak with your doctor to find out the best time to begin therapy. 


At CRYO, we are the leading experts in CRYOTHERAPY and are aware of the many injuries and healing methods involved. We’ll help integrate our therapies into your weekly activities to ensure you’re recovering effectively and properly. CRYOTHERAPY is an excellent recovery option that works with your rehabilitation program to promote a speedy restoration back to full health. 


Please note, an excessive cold treatment used on muscles in the acute phase of healing has been seen to extend the healing period and can lead to more damage/scarring. It is important not to attempt to try extreme cold therapy at home, and instead contact the experts at CRYO to develop a unique plan based on your health needs.