Inflammation can be caused by numerous factors, including stress, alcohol consumption, and infection. Most importantly, however, reducing the symptoms associated with inflammation, especially pain, is crucial to ensure the pain and damage doesn’t worsen or lead to other problems. 


Common treatments for inflammation are over-the-counter drugs such as Aspirin that sometimes cover-up the pain more often than act as a temporary anti-inflammatory. For more acute circumstances, heavier drugs such as narcotics are often prescribed – which come with their own negative side effects. Many become dependent on these drugs just to achieve some form of normality each day.


If you’re suffering from pain associated with chronic inflammation caused by arthritis, joint pain, scar tissue, sun damage, past injury, or any other muscle/tissue damage, LED light therapy can begin to alleviate pain and leave your skin appearing healthier immediately upon completion.


LED light therapy, often used as an LED facial to improve and strengthen skin, is beginning to grow in popularity as a pain reliever as well. By laying on an LED bed for approximately 40 minutes, your muscles can relax at simply the comfort of the circumstance. 


In certain situations, such as pain and damaged tissue, CRYO LED can support the damaged cells to repair themselves at a much quicker rate. 


The therapy can also kill harmful bacteria that lead to acne on the skin as well as infections that can possibly lead to more pain and inflammation. You’ll also benefit from the other skin rejuvenation benefits that CRYO LED provide, including increased blood circulation, firmer skin, and reduction in wrinkles. 


Are you healing from a long-past injury that continues to affect your daily enjoyment? If chronic inflammation has become a normal part of your life, your body may thrive from the benefits of CRYO LED treatment.