beating the summer heat

Sydney is at its finest in Summer. The harbour sparkles and the beaches are packed. You’re actively participating in your favourite pastimes like whiling away the hours in beer gardens, outdoor restaurants and any one of the countless Sydney picnic spots. The downside is that you’re paying well over the odds for air conditioning to keep you cool and everything you do seems that much more challenging because the heat is zapping your energy.

It’s a medical fact that energy levels drop in the summer heat and we’re susceptible to hot weather fatigue. Much of your energy is consumed because it’s moderating the body’s temperature and the sweat glands are doing the same in their efforts to cool the skin. After a while the body adapts and we start to feel better. However, our energy levels only improve and stay that way if we do what we need to do to generate more energy and keep our bodies cool.

So to beat the summer heat and to avoid summer fatigue symptoms the following suggestions may help.


Eat light foods

If you are consuming lots of heavy foods then you’ll be expending lots of energy as you try to burn off all of those extra calories – energy that you’ll need to stay cool. Not surprisingly you’re bound to feel tired and sluggish.

Eat light foods – lots of salads where possible and try to limit the amount of carbohydrate you consume. Some carbohydrate is good because the body can store it and use it when you need some energy. Fatty foods are another story though, they should be avoided.


We all know that dehydration is dangerous and even potentially fatal. If you’re dehydrated then you reduce the flow of blood which is one of the bodies main sources of energy. That also means that you probably can’t regulate the body’s core temperature, so the body is subjected to stress which leads to heat stroke.

The body does acclimatise but it won’t if it’s not hydrating. Hydration doesn’t mean soft drinks, sugary ice blocks, tea or coffee. Hydration means water and plenty of it. Not only will more water make your body healthier overall, but it will also get your energy level back to where it needs to be.

Take Vitamins (Preferably B)

Vitamin B, or to be more specific, vitamins B6 and B12 are renowned natural energy producers. If you’re not using them then it’s time to start. Make them a part of your daily vitamin routine and you’ll start to replace some of that energy you lost because of the heat.

Cryotherapy for high performance in the heat

If you are into your sport or exercise, it’s not likely that you are going to be discouraged by a bit of hot weather. In fact, triathlons, half and full marathons and fun runs take place in spring and summer and participation levels are high. But the heats a factor and if you can manage the heat and how it affects your body’s core temperature then you will have a competitive advantage. And if it’s about the fun and not the competition, then you’ll no doubt have more fun if you have more energy.

Cryotherapy as a pre-cooling technique that can increase the body’s heat storage capacity. In other words if the body’s core temperature is reduced as significantly as it is through cryotherapy then it can take longer for the body to heat up again. Cryo can also improve motion, flexibility and mental and physical agility.

Post cooling, cryotherapy uses the natural benefits of extremely cold temperatures which can increase the flow of oxygenated blood to internal organs, muscles and blood vessels.

The flow of oxygen rich blood to the muscles can decrease inflammation and accelerate healing. Professional and amateur athletes and sporting teams recognise the benefits of Cryo which can assist with injury, muscle and joint recovery and to repair soft tissue damage.

You can book a pre or post cooling whole body cryotherapy session in Sydney through