cryotherapy for Anti-ageing

Before world maps were completed, people were convinced that the fountain of youth must remain hidden in unchartered territories. As more and more of the blanks were filled, explorers became frantic to race to the last unknown places and stake a claim to the most valuable treasure imaginable.

Eternal youth has power and reward more valuable than any gold or jewels.

Unfortunately, the dream of the mythic fountain being real diminished as the world became fully chartered. Science now is our only hope of lasting beauty. Luckily, we are already making incredible headway into anti-ageing therapies, with whole body cryotherapy in Sydney equipped and ready for what may be a modern day anti-ageing treatment that is natural and effective, and doesn’t cost a treasure chest to obtain.

Cryotherapy for Skin Rejuvenation

Cryotherapy has been safely and effectively used in hospitals and clinics for decades to help ease muscle pain and joint inflammation. What became quickly evident when people underwent the whole-body cryotherapy procedure was that their entire health system received a reboot, which can stimulate and rejuvenate not just points of inflammation, water retention and injury, but it may also boost metabolism, increase collagen production, skin rejuvenation and decrease the signs of ageing.

Skin can become firmer and more toned, blemishes can be reduced, puffy weight from water retention may vanish. These results can last hours or even days and skin conditions can remain firm and supple between treatments. The more frequently Cryotherapy sessions are taken, the greater the results can be.

Cryotherapy to Fight the Signs of Ageing

As we age our metabolism gradually slows, our energy can drop, toxins can build up and collagen beneath our skin slows production leaving our once elastic skin saggy, flat and wrinkled. Cryotherapy sessions can help with these natural signs of ageing with a simple and easy mini surprise of intense cold temperature, that can cause the mind and body to respond and get moving.

From observing the incredible health benefits that can occur following cryotherapy treatment, inside and outside the body, cryotherapy quickly shifted from hospitals to beauty and health clinics to be made available to the general public. The cold anti-ageing treatment was quickly received by Hollywood celebrities, who rely on great looks and radiating youth to secure long and successful careers.

How Cryotherapy Works

Cryotherapy sessions are fast, with zero downtime. Standing in an individual cryotherapy chamber, also called a cryosauna, clients are exposed to extremely low temperatures for a maximum of three minutes. The cold sensation encourages the body to protect internal organs, flushing blood with important nutrients and drawing blood back from skin and muscles during the cold minutes. The result can be improved circulation and a charge of fresh blood to cells and veins that may have been sluggish, holding toxins or stagnant through ageing, poor posture, injury or inactivity. Fit and healthy people may also experience faster healing and recovery after workouts.

Immediately following a cryotherapy treatment the skin is flushed with healthy new blood cells which can deliver oxygen and nourishment for a full and healthy glow. As well as strengthening the skin, collagen cells can be stimulated and start to naturally increase the level of collagen under the skin, a process that tends to wane as we get older.

Clients can also feel refreshed, with more energy, better focus and sharper attention spans as well as better sleep following a cryotherapy session.

Sydney might not have the fountain of youth on the map, however cryotherapy is well and truly discovered and marked. We recommended booking your first session today for a thorough exploration of the younger you.