Fat Freezing Cryo Slim

When exercise and eating healthy is not enough to achieve your goal weight, people have always looked for techniques of shedding fat in troubled areas and keeping it where it’s most flattering. At CRYO, we have the technology to prove modern methods actually work. Instead of relying on invasive maneuvers such as liposuction or vertical banded gastroplasty, other non-invasive fat reduction methods have grown popular across the globe. 


Although each technique works to various degrees, determining which one is best for your own body can be a frustrating choice to make. Effectiveness and cost are huge factors that vary among treatments. 


Here are two popular non-invasive fat reduction treatments with, their typical results, and the expected cost: 


Cryolipolysis: By targeting fatty areas, especially small and stubborn spots on the body, Cool Sculpting or cryolipolysis promotes fat reduction by crystallizing the fat cells at the optimal temperature for them to freeze and die without damaging the surrounding tissues and organs. While you lay back and relax, one or more areas of your body are vacuumed into the  Cool Sculpting equipment for anywhere from 30 -60 minutes. Side effects may only be numbness and redness that will disappear after a few days. You will notice permanent results, from 20-40% reduction within a few weeks or up to a few months later.


There are other non-invasive fat reduction treatments that have also gained popularity, including the heating of fat cells through SculpSure. It is important to know the process of each treatment before making your decision and to discuss the probable results with your clinician. Don’t let your budget guide which technique you choose. Instead, find the option that will give you maximum results while discussing financing options with your clinic.


If you’d like to speak to one of our CRYO experts, about which treatment may be best for you call us today. CRYO offers CRYOSLIM™ which is a revolutionary 3-phase fat cell reduction procedure that is proudly unique to CRYO and offers clients a safe, non-invasive and non-surgical way to reduce fat deposits. CRYOSLIM™ targets stubborn areas of fat in a time efficient manner.