Cryotherapy for runners

If you ran the Sydney half marathon this year you may have woken the following morning with running fatigue and muscle soreness. While a half marathon does not impact the body in the same way as a full marathon does, it is still an assault on the body.

During the race and in training, as a coping mechanism for those aching muscles, the body produces stress relieving hormones. These hormones, while working to repair your muscles from the impact of each stride, can cause inflammation in the body and place unnecessary strain on the body’s major organs. It is important to recover well and relieve muscle soreness especially in between training sessions. If inflammation in the body is reduced so is the potential for further damage.

Whole body Cryotherapy (Cryo) should be a part of your preparation and recovery. Cryo can significantly reduce muscle soreness which is why it is used by runners in preparation for a marathon, both professional and amateur, and participants in high impact sports like rugby league.

Through exposure to extremely cold temperatures, Cryo accelerates muscle repair and recovery and improves motion and flexibility. As a response to the extreme cold, blood rushes to the body’s core to maintain its temperature. Peripheral tissue and muscles are constricted as fresh blood cleansed of toxins and filled with oxygen, enzymes and nutrients continually flows through the cardiovascular system and major organs for as long as the body is cold.

After a Cryo session, when the body returns to its normal temperature, fresh blood flows freely through the previously constricted tissue to immediately warm the muscles. Swelling and muscle pain is reduced and feelings of wellbeing often accompany physical relief.

Other Cryo benefits include arthritis pain management, improvement in eczema and psoriasis disorders, a boost in the metabolism to aid weight loss as well as a boost in collagen production for anti aging and skin rejuvenation.

After a session in The Cryocabin, visitors to either our Edgecliff or Roseberry locations tell us they are less stressed, are sleeping better and they experience general feelings of wellbeing. Cryocabin sessions can be purchased in 3, 10 or 20 session packs or you can sign up for a monthly subscription.

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